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A Santiago de Cuba Hotel surrounded by trees on the Vista Alegre neighborhood.
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Villa Santiago de Cuba

Villa Santiago de Cuba is in the outskirts of the Santiago de Cuba city, the second city in importance in the country and artistic and cultural center of marked relevance in the history of Cuba. It is located in Av. Manduley Between 19 and 21 Vista Alegre Allotment, to single 2.5 miles of downtown and some 10km of the international airport Antonio Maceo.

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Initially located in center of the city, Villa Santiago de Cuba is now amid a surrounded place of trees, in the neighborhood of Vista Alegre, one of the most aristocratic of Santiago from Cuba, area of exclusive beauty and tranquility, where they can it turns beautiful, capricious, old and modern residences.

A wide variety of services and facilities offer them the Villa Santiago de Cuba to guarantee an interesting stay.

From Villa Santiago de Cuba able to reserve varied trips like visits to the Baconao National Park, to the Great Stone or the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre Sanctuary, patron saint from Cuba.

Villa Santiago de Cuba is ideal for families with children, he is distinguished for his intimacy and for his personalized service.

Villa Santiago de Cuba is a suitable base for those that are interested in discovering the history of the region and of their people, possessors of a historical-cultural rich wealth.

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